The most gorgeous shade of dusty blue envelopes for a dear friend's baby shower. Paired so well with a peachy orange for a warm California fall celebration.
Blue made it's way into the color palette for an ongoing identity project with a ministry I help lead.
Blue is the color of spring coats and elegant nail polish, of lazy Sundays and early light morning light when the air is still a little cold and the skies a little gray.
Blue are the napkins folded under crisp white plates, offsetting the pops of oranges and peaches at a celebratory event.
And blue are the fluffy dried florals, bunnytail grass that layers in with dusty pinks and sage greens to welcome Spring (which comes early in San Francisco).
It is the light on the waves, sparkling and dancing under a peaceful sky. It's salty bathing suits as the sun shines down and we anticipate summer's arrival.